SHOREVIEWSM Independent Case Design

SHOREVIEWSM Case Design is Unique.

Strategic – Comprehensive – Tactical

Case design is headed by the principal at Shoreview LLC, Thomas Swenson, J.D., a licensed independent broker of life insurance and annuity policies, who is also an attorney-at-law specializing in asset protection and estate planning. Shoreview Insurance is part of a network of experts in the design of life insurance products, including cash value life insurance, annuities, and long-term care benefits, for individuals, families and businesses. ShoreviewSM case design integrates life insurance products into general financial plans for wealth building, wealth preservation, retirement planning and estate planning. A life insurance or annuity policy might be useful in a general plan, but it might not be.

Shoreview Insurance is affiliated with expert, customer-oriented IMOs (i.e., insurance marketing organizations) that design and customize insurance policies to address the specific needs and goals of individuals, families and businesses. These include several proprietary life-insurance products providing unique leveraging, risk-management and tax benefits.  

ShoreviewSM case design is independent. It is NOT housed at an insurance company or broker-dealer. This is key because “captive” agents, employees of a particular company, typically “sell” or “push” only the products sold by their employer-company (thereby limiting their ability to do what is right for the client).

Shoreview Insurance designs, recommends and sells an insurance product only if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the client. For example, a life insurance policy intended to provide a long-term source of income should be designed with an increasing death benefit, not a level death benefit, because an increasing death benefit reduces policy costs and builds more cash value sooner. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous and greedy insurance sellers push a level death benefit because a level death benefit gives them a bigger commission (at the cost of their clients). In contrast, in such circumstances, Shoreview Insurance puts the client first and sells an increasing death benefit to minimize client costs.

Step No. 1 – Questionnaire

Shoreview Insurance generally requests a prospective client to fill out a questionnaire, which identifies assets, needs and goals of the client.

Step No. 2 – First Consultation

A first consultation with the client provides an opportunity to discuss the information contained in the questionnaire and to identify a general strategy (or strategies) for moving forward.

Step. No. 3 – Initial Recommendation

Based on the understandings with the client reached in Step 2, Shoreview can develop an initial design recommendation, which might or might not include insurance product(s).

Steps 4 – Further Consultation and Refined Designs

If the client accepts (or revises) Shoreview’s initial recommendation, then an iterative process of design, consultation and refinement continues until a final product design is achieved.