Business Owners & Life Insurance Strategies

Business owners and businesses can use cash-value life insurance policies in many different ways:

  • To fund buy-sell agreements
  • To fund business succession
  • To attract and retain key employees
  • To insure against loss of key business persons
  • To fund estate plans
  • To fund retirement

There are numerous strategies and products available to satisfy particular needs and to achieve particular goals, all tailored to particular circumstances. Here is a list of some exemplary strategies:

Cross-Purchase; Buy-Sell; Defined Benefit Buy-Out; Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP); Entity Purchase Buy-Sell (a.k.a. Stock Redemption); Estate Liquidity Planning Using an Entity Redemption; Executive Bonus; Insured Controlled Cross-Purchase; Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT); Key Person Life Insurance; Life Insurance for Risk Protection (LIRP); Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC); One-Way Buy-Sell; Personally-Owned Life Insurance; Restricted Executive Bonus; SERP Buy-Out; Split Dollar (Endorsement); Split Dollar (Loan Regime); Split-Funded Defined Benefit Plan; Split Premium Bonus Arrangement; Wait-and-See Buy-Sell

Please contact Shoreview Insurance to find out how you and your business can benefit.